A vision for our party

A vision for our party

The Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) has long been a crucial voice and vehicle for positive change on behalf of its members, and Ontarians at-large.  

But amidst both major changes in the political landscape and in the expectations of Ontarians, the OLP faces an urgent need to reassess and adapt if it wants to remain relevant and representative of people across Ontario in the next election – and into the future.  

To do so, the party must become more open and inclusive; and it must be better at listening, engaging and providing value to members.  

This is not only the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing to do. The party that attracts more members and provides them with deeper levels of engagement will be the party that can successfully communicate, fundraise, mobilise, inspire, and grow.  

Before we can make the changes that will create a stronger Ontario for our future, we must first re-establish our Party as open, inclusive, and member-driven.  

Together, let’s deliver key changes to the Party  that will both broaden the membership and deepen our engagement with the future of the party:

  • Free Membership – to modernize our Party, we need to better represent our values of openness and inclusivity. Membership fees are an institutional legacy from generations that never anticipated our interconnected, high-tech, and social media savvy society. To open our Party to the membership of today, and the membership of our future, we need to make it easy, meaningful, and without any financial barrier to participation.
  • Giving all members a say in who the leader is – through a “weighted one-member-one-vote” system (W-OMOV) that will help to encourage people to join the party during the leadership race and demonstrate to members that we trust their judgement and respect their voice. Online voting should also be a part of this change to make sure that all members can vote, regardless of where they live, or their financial or personal ability to attend a leadership convention.
  • More opportunities for grassroots policy development – the policy development process needs to expand beyond the Leader’s office. It needs to be mandatory that the voices of our members are included and respected when developing Party policy.
  • Renewed commitment to regional engagement – every region of Ontario is important and a strengthened OLP would better respond to the concerns of all parts of the province. To do this, the Party needs a stronger system of regional organization and engagement to better connect with local priorities. Regular regional meetings that consult directly with members across the province, and incentives that encourage and celebrate riding association engagement success, will strengthen the Party in every area of the Province.
  • Accountability for the leader and elected members – to ensure that members have a real say in who represents them and that those in power must respect the voices of members. Annual feedback surveys, consultations, and direct membership engagements will provide an opportunity for OLP members to have their say on the direction of the party, the leader, the Party executive, and elected members.