A vision for our future

A vision for our future

The Economy

The problem: People are feeling uncertain about their future. For many, the cost of living is going up, but their salary isn’t keeping pace. We also face a rapidly changing economy where artificial intelligence, automation entrepreneurship and clean technology will be increasingly important. Even so, the current government is making short-sighted decisions to cut the programs that will help us prepare for what’s coming.  

The vision: People are able to count on their take-home pay keeping up with the rising cost of living. Ontario is preparing for the future by making smart investments in the technologies of the future, while also making sure that workers are able to train for the skills they need to succeed.

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The problem: The current government is pulling resources out of schools across the province and has no plan to make education work better for students. Post-secondary education and skills training is more necessary now than ever before, and in the future it will become even more important as people change careers to adapt to the new economy. The current government doesn’t understand this, and is setting Ontario workers up to fail by abandoning their responsibility to build our education system and help it adapt to what’s coming.  

Stripping tools from the classroom disadvantages students – it threatens specialized programming and limits our children’s opportunities for success.  

The vision: Ontario’s public K-12 education system prepares every student for their next step in life – whether that’s post-secondary, the skilled trades, employment or entrepreneurship.  

Ontario offers post-secondary education, training and re-training opportunities that are affordable, accessible and designed to help people succeed in the economy of the future. 

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The Environment

The problem: Climate change is one of the greatest threats to our safety, our economy, our property and our way of life. The current government is taking no action to combat this threat and is ideologically opposed to implementing measures to reduce emissions. If we don’t take decisive action now, it’ll be our kids and grandkids who suffer the consequences.  

The vision: Ontario builds a low-carbon economy that rewards climate-friendly jobs and contributes to a sustainable future. Ontario supports our clean-tech sectors and becomes a leader in climate protection and the green economy. Our natural environment is protected and preserved.

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