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About Alvin

Alvin is a father of three, a dedicated public servant and a passionate advocate for education, child care and the environment.

He was Director of Government Relations at Sheridan College and Senior Policy Advisor to the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities. He studied at Queen’s and Harvard universities.

During his career, he has worked to make postsecondary education more affordable, bring more green infrastructure to Ontario, and create innovation and entrepreneurship hubs in communities.

A Vision For Our Party

The Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) has long been a crucial voice and vehicle for positive change on behalf of its members, and Ontarians at-large.  

We have an opportunity now to reshape and rebuild the Ontario Liberal Party into the modern political movement it needs to be.

To do that, we have to make our party more open, more inclusive, more accessible and more responsive. We also have to remove the barriers that prevent people from joining and participating in our party.  

A Vision For Our Province

Ontario is at a turning point. There are big challenges ahead of us – and only three years to go before we have to be ready to take on and replace our short-sighted government
To do that – we need to be honest about the big challenges that we face, articulate the vision of our future that we want to work for, and not be afraid to put big solutions on the table.